Smartphone User Experience Is Fundamentally Flawed

by Shadab Farooqui

Over 95% of apps don't get used, or are abandoned after a few tries. Behavioral reasons aside, I wanted to zoom-in on one aspect of this outcome - the UX. The current smartphone UX does not provide the solution to be able to think and find the app for our needs.

The process of thought -> action -> app -> gratification is inefficient. 

The home screen of smartphones are dumb are do not utilize available data to add context to the screen/apps. Utilizing contextual data will push the boundaries of smartphone app efficiency and usage. 

I can draw some parallels to the healthcare industry. Caring for health is ongoing. Good health or bad health is happening as I type this. The missing piece in health care delivery right now is context - right place, right time, right channels for delivery of care. At present, the only channels available to individuals are 1)content search & the 2) visit to the doctor 3) Ask family and friends- all of which requires effort. But if I had an immediate question - for example - if a medication could have negative reaction with coffee, I'd like that information coming straight from my doctor, instead of a Google search. The next generation of healthcare apps/services will win if they are able to make health care intelligent using a mix of self tracking data and instant accessibility to a doctor or nurse.