Branding For Doctors

by Shadab Farooqui

The way I see it now, this category does not exist.

Only a small number of doctors think of using their names to represent their brand.

A doctor is a service, represented by his/her name. 

For e.g., Dr. Shuaib Farooqui M.D. - represents his profession, his values, his accomplishments, and a lot more. Yet, when we look up a doctor online, this is what we find:

1) Vitals, HealthGrades, ZocDoc, + 100 other such 3rd party sites

2) The doctor's practice site, if it exists

3) Google Places listing

This content indirectly paints the doctor's image. The first page of any search engine is the most valuable asset of a business; specifically, a reputation- and referral-driven business like that of a Doctor's.

Highest clicked search results are the mostly the top four. Yet, over 75% of doctors have search listings that are not in their control. The search results are hijacked by 3rd party sites that aggregate and collect information from patients and other sources, to represent the doctor's name or brand online.  

Search for a doctor is the first doctor-patient interaction. Online doctor searches are increasingly being performed from smartphones/mobile devices. Most definitely, doctors need to take charge of this first interaction by taking ownership of their name and brand, and thus, exert control on patient interactions. At CrystalMD, the Mobile Doctor Portal helps doctors address exactly this pain-point, in a low effort, manageable way.


Mobile & is the future of the Doctors’ brand and digital presence - how does yours rank?