Product vs Experience

by Shadab Farooqui

Have you thought about starting with delivering an amazing experience, and backing it with a product? In the "Means to Experience" approach as I like to call it, you back into a product from the lens of delivering an experience with a measurable threshold . To do this, you will literally have to sit for days, if not months and observe a business in action first hand.

With lean startup best practices, we are trained to think in terms or solving pain points, "vitamin vs painkiller", yet many companies fail to bring the "OOMPH" in overall experience. Similar to setting validations for each of product & features, objectively validating the overall experience surrounding the use of a product should not be an option for something to do at a later stage.

A perfect world would be without products - simple, clean and invisible. Make your product and experience so seamless such that it becomes a fabric of the businesses and behavior. That's what makes a powerful product, er... experience.