Doctors, Upgrade Your Desktops

by Shadab Farooqui

I've observed many doctors' behavior while using their office computers. Nearly 50% of them, at some point, go into a frenzy with their mouse because their computer is too slow or verbally voice their disappointment with the machine.

In the age of instant, having to 'click-click-wait-wait' could mean many different things to a doctor, and to a patient. I have a hunch. If their computers had updated hardware or software that made their workflow 10% faster, it would have significant impact on patient satisfaction, and the bottom line. Time saved, bedside manner, demeanor, less errors, etc. - there are tangible and intangible benefits, outcomes of which are indirectly tied to the experience with technology. 

When doctors have their Windows XP PC, in one instance, the doctor had to to run a VPN, and then log into a terminal, then log in again to the portal - the experience is lost in clicking and waiting. There are plenty technology startups focusing on amazing products. 

For many doctors, their iPad and smartphone is the biggest update and satisfaction driver when considering speed, reliability and experience in inputting and retrieving information. So Doctors, replace those desktops for a seamless experience!