32 Lessons Learned

by Shadab Farooqui

A list..not in order of priority:

1) Have mentors in family, friends & business circles who you can call anytime, any day

2) Nurture relationships systematically

3) It's never too late to learn, un-learn or re-learn something

4) Live in the present (Power of Now Stuff)

5) Start something, anything

6) Be the person of your word

7) Say "No" more often (choose commitments wisely)

8) Tangibly (verbal or written) acknowledge & appreciate perspectives

9) Learn to accept compliments & gifts

10) Share everything (knowledge, money, power, influence)

11) Quality trumps quantity

12) Consistency trumps frequency

13) Use "however" instead of "but" when addressing a conflicting POV

14) Deliver value in any form

15) Measure your health (#quantifiedself). How one feels about their health is directly related to mortality rates.

16) Writing is a great tool for getting clarity and help in decision making

17) Understand logic but accept that not everything is logical, world is not black and white

18) Don't try to please everyone

19) Protect your values. Values define what you stand for and sets expectations

20) Pray & show gratitude daily

21) After fulfilling your basic needs, the marginal return on money depreciates

22) It's OK to be wrong / fail often

23) There is a system for everything. Create your own systems to make things work

24) 1% better execution = 10% increase in returns

25) Be aware of your surroundings (hint: put your phone away)

26) Sharpen your axe, before you take down a tree

27) There's a formula for serendipity or good luck

28) Managing expectations is the most important variable for success

29) Control your mind and body, don't let it control you

30) Engage with someone new on any topic every day

31) Balance is about sacrifices. Iterate to achieve your perfect mix

32) Learn from others, but define your own success metrics

Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it. — Kolb

Kolb's Learning Model

Kolb's Learning Model