Uber vs Facebook

by Shadab Farooqui

The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…
— Sun Tzu

Uber is building an army of people (with a car for now) ready to MOVE (anything) at moments notice. The have the potential to disrupt any and all verticals such as:

- Travel

- Security

- Shopping/Delivery

- Hospitality

- Advertising

- Healthcare

Facebook: Make the world more OPEN and CONNECTED -- Facebook digitally connects people, places & things; Uber: Make the world more accessible -- Uber physically connects people, places and things

So far, here are the things Uber has physically connected people with:

- Cars: Announced financing

- People: Call an Uber from app

- Cats: Cat delivery

- Roses: Rose Delivery

- Things: XBox

- Brands: Partnerships with NFL, Budlight, Nasdaq, Pepsi & XBox

In the future, each of us are going to be Uber service providers in some form. Uber will be more impactful with a larger market cap than Facebook - excited to see what the future holds for both companies (and potential partnerships between them).