Design Flaw: Facebook Star Rating On Mobile

by Shadab Farooqui

I previously wrote about the design flaw in Facebook Star Ratings, which was addressed by Facebook sometime in January 2014. The same design flaw applies to mobile, which leads to erroneous/accidental submission of star ratings.


There needs to be a "Submit" or "Done" or "Review" button which explicitly confirms that the rating is being submitted. Others have complained about this issue on Facebook support forums as well: 

Greensboro Pediatric Surgery has two 1 or 3 star erroneous submissions. Since Facebook made the ratings/reviews public by default,  I was able to see the names of people who had submitted the low ratings. Surprisingly (or not), 2 of the low ratings came from family members. I reached out to them and found out that they had liked the page following the invitation received from me, but were not aware of submitting any ratings/reviews. The submissions were accidental. I wonder what the overall impact of this design flaw has been to other local businesses.