Dear Doctor: Patients seek compassion, knowledge and more..

by Shadab Farooqui

Speaking with doctors everyday about their perspective on technology and mHealth/mobile healthcare - this thought came to my mind:

If anyone was given 15 minutes to educate a doctor about anything, what would it be, and why?

I left the question open ended to get diversity in perspectives, and posted it on Quora. There were a few key expectations from both doctors and patients that stuck out in the answers, and I beleive the following may resonate with majority of the patient population, and doctors. 

Doctor's must:

1) Listen

2) Show Compassion

3) Say it as it is

4) Know how to deactivate a muscular Trigger Point

5) Show Respect

6) Have Knowledge Outside your Specialty

7) Educate patients - pre and post-op 

8) Give Time

9) Read Bad Pharma / Know the affects of old and new pharma.

10) Provide critical appraisal of medical literature 

This is by no means a scientific or research ranking - just ordered by the popularity of answer's and things that stuck out to me. Read some amazing stories, and share your perspective here: