Few projects I've worked on over the years:

iJigg was a Y Combinator backed music social network that enabled independent artists to upload their music for promotion to a global audience. The analytics dashboard allowed for artists to manage their audio creations and keep track of their popularity across platforms and social networks.

CrystalMD standardized the mobile web experience for medical and dental providers by offering a software as a service product to help them take control of all patient touch-points including appointments, reminders and a mobile CMS. I led product management and worked with engineering and design teams to launch the MVP and iterate rapidly post-launch.

33Across is an advertising technology company that built the first anonymous Social Graph for advertising targeting. Working with data science and engineering, I led Product Partnerships that helped ship two products - SocialDNA and BrandGraph. 

DeepWorkMode is an iPhone app that helps with optimizing and increasing your cognitive endurance by making deepwork sessions more focused.